Day Trading Simplified

Master the Foundation to Trading Success

Learn from an accomplished trader who doesn’t just profit himself, but genuinely cares about YOUR success. He proved it by creating the most affordable and impactful trading course on the market.

It’s not all the flashy stuff that makes a successful day trader… It’s knowing and sticking to the foundations.

This course delivers those foundations in a compact and easy to learn format, so that even a new trader can master the foundations and start making consistent profit.

If you are an active trader and struggling, or even thinking about quitting, this is exactly what you need! Master the foundation and you’ll get the results you expected when you started.

Day Trade Online From Home

There’s nothing better than trading from the comfort of your home. Our program gives you the path to achieving this goal.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Flexibility is key. That’s why this program is designed to go at your own pace with over 50 HD on-demand training lessons.

Personalized Attention

Every new trader has tons of questions. Get Your Questions answered directly by top professional traders LIVE together.

Meet Your Trainer... Patrick Wieland

Nearly 4 Years of Daily Trading Documentation

See What's In The Course

Everything You Need To Get Started As a Confident New Trader

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the answers to few questions you might have

I’m a new and aspiring trader from Australia, will I be able to understand the information and trade from my country?

Yes of course. We’ve worked with traders from all over the world from beginner to experienced. You’ll learn how to get starred the right way, but also strategies used to profit in today’s market.

Do I need any specific software to take advantage of this?

No you don’t We’ll provide everything you need immediately after you join. All you need is a computer, wifi, and attention

I’ve been following for a while and trading within your community. What is different about this?

This event is laser focused on profiting in this market environment. You’ll get expanded insight into specific strategies adding to your trade arsenal. In addition, hours of personalized attention and the opportunity to interact.

Will I have a chance to get my questions answered?

Yes, the last hour or so will be dedicated to making sure all of your questions are answered. Don’t be shy! We want to hear your questions.

After the event will I be a successful trader?

Being a successful trader takes time and lots of practice. At the end of this event you’ll certainly have the tools and path to succeed. However, you must follow that path and practice what you’ve learned.


“So far Patrick Wieland is the best over all teacher for me – he speaks slowly – he enunciates each and every word and he covers the critical areas. I appreciate his real concern for the beginners overall success in trading. He covers pit falls, things not to do, mistakes he made in the beginning, (not all in this one video) – Anyway, Thank You Patrick! So Far So Good :-)”

Sonny Corbi

“Of all the videos I’ve watched about day trading, you are by far the best, most understandable, and informative person out there. Keep up the good work.”


“I have read a ton of books and been in a ton of webinars, and watched a ton of videos and I have found no one that explains the psychology of the market like you do, well at least your way of explaining it makes it so much more clear to me. Thanks for this piece of knowledge…. Great job, keep at it, you’ll be great, of course you will. You’re out there with Will Smith GOAT”

Jervis Findalyson